Calibration Services

ETS provides calibration services in our ESD Testing Laboratory.

ESD Caliboration Services

Calibration services are available for the specialized equipment we manufacture or sell. ETS equipment is supplied with either a Certificate of Calibration (if variable adjustments or manufacturing techniques are necessary to bring the equipment into agreement with NIST-traceable standards) or a Certificate of Conformance (where the equipment meets published specifications by inherent design), when applicable. (This does not apply to accessory items or subsystems). 

All calibrated equipment includes a calibration sticker listing the date of calibration, technician’s initials, and the suggested re-calibration date which is one year from the calibration date. The ETS Test and Calibration Department maintains equipment and procedures in accordance with ISO 17025. Calibration standards are calibrated yearly, or more frequently if necessary. The calibration due dates are tracked and NIST-traceability documents are kept on file. In the event your company requires an in-depth evaluation of our facility, please contact ETS to arrange for a visit by your inspection personnel. ETS does not imply or infer compliance with any requirements that are not listed above.

You Can't Spell Experts without ETS

ETS has been involved in developing many of the electrostatic standards in use today, and we have one of the largest independent electrostatic test laboratories in the U.S.A. Our testing laboratory provides expert analysis for the development, qualification, quality control, and certification of materials and products.

We address areas of concern such as:

The Service We Provide

ETS offers a wide variety of equipment calibration services, manufacturers services, and repair services. Our ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab ensures that your equipment is operating within tolerance and can provide uncertainty of measurement data.

ETS Is ISO/IEC 17025 Certified

Electro-Tech Systems has operated the leading independent ESD Testing Laboratory in North America for the past 40 years performing thousands of tests for a wide variety of customers and industries. As a part of our continuing efforts to improve, ETS became ISO 17025 accredited in 2022.

In addition to ESD Testing of materials, devices and systems, our Laboratory calibrates and repairs ETS equipment and offers calibration of products manufactured or supplied by other companies in the ESD Industry.

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