Electrostatic Equipment

Yes, ETS can customize virtually any piece of equipment manufactured. Approximately 15% of the equipment sold is modified in some way to meet a customer’s specific requirement.

Yes, ETS can provide training on the wide range of electrostatic measuring and test equipment as a complement to our standard services.

Yes, ETS has a variety of demo equipment available for US customers to evaluate. To reserve an item for evaluation, ETS requires the following: A “No Charge” Purchase Order listing the equipment to be evaluated, a defined evaluation period (one or two weeks), shipping & billing addresses, phone and fax numbers, and a statement that the company accepts responsibility for the equipment and will return the equipment at the end of the agreed upon evaluation prepaid and in good condition, insured for the full amount. The customer will be liable for the full cost of equipment (which will be invoiced) if not returned as specified.

Yes. Along with providing an Operating Manual for each product, ETS also provides unlimited phone support. For a fee, ETS can provide a technician, engineer or consultant to train staff on the proper use of equipment and implementation of testing procedures. Fee based training is typically used when a company is entering a new field or finds it necessary to bring a group or facility up to speed in a short period of time. Training can be provided at ETS or at the customer’s facility.

Yes, ETS products are sold worldwide. Equipment is typically purchased directly through ETS or from one of our authorized distributors.

Expeience has shown that the vast majority of measurement variations are due to procedural differences. Something has changed or a procedure is being performed in a different manner. In addition, factors such as the relative humidity level, conditioning time, age of samples, migration of antistatic agents, additive type, test voltage, cutoff level, equipment used, data analysis and technical expertise can all contribute to differences. Material formulation may contribute to some erroneous readings and on rare occasions, equipment problems are involved. Many ESD materials change over time and with humidity. This dynamic characteristic may make it difficult to obtain similar results when taken at different times. The majority of ETS test equipment is supplied with a system check module or test fixture which is used to verify the functioning and accuracy of ETS equipment before testing begins and at different locations.

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