New Micropocessor PID Humidity and Temperature Controllers From ETS

3Electro-Tech Systems of Glenside, PA is pleased to introduce the new ETS Series 5000 Microprocessor Controllers.

Many applications require precise control of an environment. The 5000 Series includes humidity controllers, temperature controllers, CO2 controllers, O2 controllers and controllers for other linear processes. The controllers are available in single and dual channel versions allowing control of two separate processes such as humidity and temperature and are capable of providing single and multiple RAMP/SOAK programming functions.

Designed for use with ETS controlled environment chambers, glove boxes and dry boxes, the controllers may also be used to retrofit existing systems or with environments from other sources. Each controller includes a plug-in sensor to monitor the environment while controlling heating, cooling, humidification or dehumidification. When used along with ETS operating systems, the controllers are capable of providing precise humidity and temperature control across a wide spectrum.

The heart of each controller is the microprocessor PID control module which allows each process to be “tuned” to the user selected set point. This is accomplished by pulsing the appropriate operating system and allows the controller to maintain much tighter tolerances than seen with comparator type controllers.

The controllers may be used as stand-alone systems or with the optional ETS Software Package which allows computer control and tracking of the environment. For additional information on this and other products, please return to the ETS Home Page; select the Product Search Box, View All Products and Submit. Please direct any questions and comments to Brian Hohman at

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