ETS Glove Boxes, Chambers and Control Systems provide accurate measurement and precise control of temperature and humidity in enclosed environments. ETS offers standard chambers, custom enclosures, as well as controllers and operating systems that can be used with existing enclosures. Our clients come to us to solve problems including:

  • Preventing manufacturing defects caused by uncontrolled environments
  • Maintaining a controlled environment to provide high quality research and test results
  • Providing a safe environment in which to work
  • Enabling handling and testing of hazardous materials within a controlled enclosure
  • Retaining precise controlled conditions when working real time with materials and compounds


ETS manufactures state-of-the-art Electrostatic Measuring, Monitoring, Test and Simulation Equipment. Example of electrostatic problems we commonly address include:

  • Providing electrostatic measurements with reliable precision and accuracy
  • Ensuring products meet industry specifications
  • Evaluating material formulations during product development and testing
  • Enabling comprehensive analysis of raw materials versus finished parts
  • Comparing product performance to other competing products
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