Model 812 – ESD Power Supply (±10 kV HVPS)


The Model 812 High Voltage Power Supply is a self-contained unit that produces a variable high voltage output at low current levels. It can operate from line voltages of 90 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz. The maximum output is approximately ±10,000 Volts D.C. OUTPUT current is limited to 100 microamperes by an internal 100 Megohm high voltage resistor. A calibrated 4½-digit, ½” (12.4mm) LED numeric readout plus a 10-turn analog voltage control enables the user to precisely and accurately set the high voltage output to any desired level from ±5 to ±10,000 V with 1 V resolution. Accuracy is ±1% of reading above 500 V and 2% below 500 V, ±1digit. LED status indicators display the polarity selected and the presence or absence of high voltage at the output terminal. All controls for operating the High Voltage Power Supply are located on the front panel of the unit. The IEC AC input connector, fuse and an additional ground jack are located on the rear panel.

  • ±10 kV Range
  • 90 – 240 VAC operation
  • High voltage – low current
  • 4½-digit display
  • 1% resolution