Model 212XL – Extended Reach Digital Static Field Meter


Accurately measure the polarity and magnitude of an electrostatic field. Electro-Tech Systems model 212 is a lightweight and convenient handheld unit that allows you to quickly assess the characteristics of an electrostatic field. With chopper-stabilized sensors, the 212 promises consistent readings in both normal and ionized environments. The 212 is also offered in an 212XL version which features an extended handle for the measurement of fields that might be slightly out of reach or unsafe to reach.

  • Range: ±20kV/inch (25mm)
  • Measure/Hold button for straightforward data collection
  • Operates in ionized environments
  • Available in both handheld and extended arm versions to address any type of application
  • LCD Display makes data easy to read
  • Recorder output for digital data collection