Model 232 – Large Faraday Cup (6-1/2″ Inside Diameter)


The Model 232 Faraday Cup is a medium size (ID 6-1/2″) bucket that measures charge on medium size samples when used in conjunction with the ETS Model 230 or equivalent Nano coulomb meters. The Model 232 includes a double-walled shielded bucket, cover and 36″ BNC-BNC cable. Use the Model 232 to evaluate the anti-static characteristics of powders, plastics, paper, electronic components and other materials in accordance with industry and military specifications.

  • Evaluate the antistatic characteristics of powders, electronic components & assemblies
  • Compatible with the ETS Model 230 NanoCoulomb Meter
  • Tests in accordance with ESD Association, EIA and other industry standards
  • Includes 36″ BNC-BNC Teflon cable

$995.00 ea.

ETS Model 232 Faraday Cup/Bucket
ETS Model 232 Faraday Cup/BucketETS Model 232 Faraday Cup/Bucket