Models 205C and 205C-X10 – 20pf Charge Plate Detectors (for Static Meters)


The Models 205C and 205C-X10 Charge Plate Detectors are designed to snap on to the front of the ETS Model 212 Static Meter. The units incorporate 20pf capacitance in accordance with ESD Association and other standards to perform ionizer balance, decay and voltage on personnel measurements. The 205C alters full-scale sensitivity of the static meter to ±2kV with a resolution of 1 volt. The Model 205C-X10 measures up to ±20kV.

  • Convert static meters into a charge plate analyzers
  • Standard 1″ x 3″ detector plate
  • Optional 6″ x 6″ detector plate
  • Meets ESD Association requirements