Model 621 – Single Channel Static Monitoring System


The Model 621 Static Monitoring System is a single channel alarm system featuring an autoranging display of ±500 to 5kV (low range) and ±5kV to 50kV (high range). The unit can be ordered with ranges of 50 to 500 volts and 500 to 5kV.

The Model 621 can be easily added to virtually any installation. The sensor is connected directly to the control unit by shielded cable or by conduit as a single assembly. The Model 621 is housed in a cast aluminum enclosure. The control unit contains signal processing and alarm electronics. 12-segment multicolor LED bargraph displays the magnitude and polarity of the measured charge.

AIR PURGE – All static level monitoring sensors include an “Air Purge” fitting which allows the end user to hook up house-air or inert gas to provide positive airflow to the sensor. This prevents hazardous fumes or gasses from leaking into the sensor and its electronics.

INTRINSICALLY SAFE – Intrinsically sensor sensor connections are provided by the customer (The 5-wire sensor would require 5 barriers). ETS does not supply intrinsic barriers. Recommended barriers are covered in the user manual.

  • Autoranging readout (dual range)
  • Recorder output
  • Cable lengths up to 100 ft.
  • Optional visual and audible alarm functions