Model 4431T – Shielded Bag Test System


The Model 4431T is a turnkey shielded bag test system that includes the Test Unit, Oscilloscope, Computer and ETS Test Suite Manager software that is designed to perform testing in accordance with ESDA STM11.31 & EIA-541. The ETS Model 4431T Shielded Bag Test System is a complete system that generates the specified ESD pulse applied to the outside surface of the bag and detects either the voltage or current induced onto a capacitive sensor placed inside the bag. The Test Suite Manager Program displays the waveforms, calculates the energy of the discharge pulse induced inside the test bag and processes the data in accordance with ESD STM 11.31. It also automatically controls the Model 4431 and program the oscilloscope.

The computer interface enables the discharge sequence specified in ESD STM11.31 to be automatically controlled by the ETS Test Suite Manager Program. The discharge of the Model 4431 meets the requirements of ESDA S5.1 “Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Testing-Human Body Model.” Plug-in R/C components allows other networks to be used.


The Model 4431 consists of an adjustable 800 to 1200 Volt power supply with a 3½-digit LCD display, 100 pf/1500 Ohm HBM network (200 pf/1500 Ohm for EIA-541), a mercury wetted charge/discharge relay, capacitive sensor and a controlled force discharge electrode. Adjustable bag insertion stops enable the user to configure the System for different bag sizes per specification. A CT-1 current sensor with 500 Ohm resistor, and built-in 100:1 voltage attenuators are standard for interfacing the System with the scope.

  • The FUNCTION switch is used to select either a voltage differential(EIA-541) or a current pulse (ESDA STM 11.31) measurement.
  • Multicolored LED point sources indicate CHARGE, DISCHARGE and TEST OVER functions.
  • Perform voltage tests per EIA-541 & MIL-PRF-81705D
  • Voltage adjust: 800 to 1200V
  • 3½ digit LCD voltage readout
  • Energy calculation programTurnkey System
  • Perform energy tests per ESDA STM11.31
IMG_0606 Model 4431 1024×768