ETS Model 5502 Mini Environmental Chambers for Instron Single Column 3300, 5500, and 5900 Series


The ETS Model 5502 Mini Environmental Chamber for Instron Test Systems addresses end-user needs to accurately control temperature and humidity during testing, providing a high quality, user-friendly solution at an affordable price.  The Model 5502 has been designed in cooperation with Instron to address the most common environmental testing needs of Instron customers.  The Model 5502 includes one insulated chamber with dimensions customized to the customers’ application.  For specialized needs, the chambers are configurable and can be customized to meet the workspace and environmental conditions required.


The ETS Model 5502 Mini Environmental Chamber is designed to address environmental temperature and humidity requirements commonly found in industries such as bio-medical, consumer goods, adhesives, and more.  The chamber incorporates a ClearView door for maximum visibility of the test specimen and allows easy access to change the specimen or adjust/remove test fixtures.  The chamber includes sufficient space for additional samples to be conditioned as required in advance of being tested.

  • The ETS Model 5502 will fit nearly any Instron single column test instrument
  • EasySetTM integrated dual PID controllers for humidity and temperature
  • Accurate Humidity and Temperature over a wide operating range:
    • Humidity:  <5% to >95% RH
    • Temperature:  10° to 50°C; optional LN2 cooling to minus 40°C
  • Standard operating systems included:
    • Thermoelectric heating/cooling
    • Regenerative desiccant dryer (requires air supply)
    • Uultrasonic humidification
  • Chambers are customized to meet specific testing applications and Instron fixtures
  • ClearViewTMEasy Access Door so you can view your testing
  • Optional 0-1V analog and RS485 communications output
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor Manufactures Warranty
  • Manufactured in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
  • Factory calibration services available