Model 5515 — SUBZERO Environmental Glove Box


Model 5515 Environment: The 5515 is designed for customers that require development and testing of materials, compounds and substances that require an inert, precise low humidity, and sustained subzero temperature environment to maintain salient product characteristics.

The Model 5515 provides a clear view 29 ft3 (821 l) working space through its front slant panel design and its side clear panel. The external dimensions are 57” W x 30” L x 30” H.  Access is available with one 10” by 10” access hinge door in the front panel and a second 26” x 26” right side panel and operational access is given by four (4) 8” iris ports or glove ports with either or 10” selectable. Access is also available with both 10” by 10” access hinge door and a second 26” x 26” right side panel and operational access is given by three (3) 10” iris ports or glove ports. Two (2) 1.5” diameter Cable pass through, hose barb and compression fitting access ports are provided.

The Model 5515 provides a dry gas dehumidification system, a temperature compensated humidity sensor, a liquid nitrogen cooling system, and a heater assembly with thermal protection switch, circulating fan and GFIC outlet. The operational humidity control range is 20% RH (±2%). The operational temperature control range is -35°C to 50°C (-31°F to 122°F). Our 9500 Series Microprocessor PID Humidity/Temperature and controller software package are standard with this offering.

The Model 5515 provides a wide range of functionality to allow the end user to fabricate an environment to meet their specific requirements for environmental conditioning, easy access and optimized space using a multi-purposed designed chamber.

  • Microprocessor PID control
  • Multiple Ramp/Soak cycles
  • CalGraphix software for environment tracking & control
  • Equipment Door Right Side: 26” x 26” (66 x 66cm)                         
  • Equipment Door Right Side: 10” x 10” (25 x 25 cm)
  • 10″ Ports with gloves or Iris Ports
  • LED lighting
  • Internal fan and AC power
  • 3/8″ clear & white acrylic PS30 construction
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooling & Electric Heating systems
  • High capacity desiccant/pump dehumidification & ultrasonic humidity systems
  • Custom configurations available
  • Standard 1.5″ dia. cable pass-through, hose barbs & compression fittings