Model 871


Many applications require measuring the resistance characteristics of packaging, work surfaces, flooring and material or objects where the build-up and dissipation of static charge is of concern.

The Model 871 is a precision, battery or AC powered, autoranging, microcomputer-based instrument that meets the requirements for measuring resistance from 1x10E3 – 5x10E12 Ohms using selectable test voltages of 10 or 100 Volts.

The Meter is activated when the MEASURE select paddle switch is moved from STANDBY to either the Ve=10V or 100V position.

  • Autoranging
  • 1x10E3 to 5x10E9 ohms@ 10V
  • 1x10E5 to 5x10E12 ohms @ 100V
  • Accuracy better than 2%
  • Large 2-line alphanumeric display
  • Remote measurement activation
  • Compatible with most resistance probes
  • PC compatible COMM port
  • Battery or AC powered