About ETS

Who We Are

Electro-Tech Systems, Inc. (ETS) is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment and provider of ESD Test Lab services. Since its incorporation in 1976, Electro-Tech Systems, Inc. (ETS) has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrostatic measurement and simulation test instruments and testing services.  Today, our electrostatic instruments define industry-standard testing in a wide range of ESD applications, while our benchtop chamber and glove box environmental enclosures find use wherever testing or processing requires precise control of temperature and humidity levels.

Environmental Control Equipment and Gloveboxes
Electrostatic Instrumentation
Electrostatic (ESD) Testing and Consulting Services

ETS has become a globally recognized manufacturing resource and technical solutions provider dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing complex systems for commercial and government industries. We integrate our manufacturing expertise, engineering skill sets, supply stream partnerships and management experiences to deliver product and service solutions on-time and on-budget.

Our continued expertise is demonstrated through years of building a successful collaborative relationships with defense, communications, aerospace, aviation, transportation, bio-medical, cosmetics and consumer goods industries.

Our Vision

Be at the forefront of  providing product discovery, development and testing solutions to our clients to create a sustainable future and comply with global standards.

Our Mission

Build from our gained expertise to serve life-critical markets, offering solutions that help our client base qualify to gain new markets and business segments.

Our Culture

People from diverse backgrounds are essential for us to fulfill our business goals.  Our culture permits us to continually cultivate a company DNA compliant with domestic and international standards.

Our Spirit

Electro-Tech Systems business success derives from a pioneering spirit spanning four plus decades, a spirit of improving client experiences with courtesy and technology. Our corporate spirit guides our behavior and shapes our strategy; it is at the very core of the products and services we provide.

Our Expertise

ETS focuses its purchasing programs with qualified global resources to support on-time cost-effective acquisition of materials and services. We create cost-effective solutions to unlock supply stream sourcing issues, evaluate end of life production constrictions. We professionally manage client programs to achieve sustainability for future generations. Combined with our proven history of engineering for the most challenging environments, our approach delivers superior performance for domestic and international markets.

Our Portal To World Innovation

We foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions to meet client requirements and business challenges.

Our Values / Our Courage

Integrity is the foundation of our corporate conduct. We follow the Rules of Integrity in our collaboration with customers, our suppliers and our employees. We believe integrity promotes a open and direct dialogue, enhances and encourages our performance to exceed client expectations. We focus on personal and team achievements by taking innovative, validated risks while maintaining high ethical standards. We encourage our people to share their ideas and challenge the status quo. We empower them to rely on their expertise and experiences to do the right thing in the face of unexpected occurrences.


Delivering high-quality, defect free products is critical to our purpose of constant improvement.  Our focus to achieve quality excellence includes continuously enhancing our manufacturing standards, validating new technology, training our people, and knowledge gained with client collaborations.


We encourage our employees to put the success of their team first and to value each other’s contributions and feedback. We embrace diverse perspectives to develop an inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their full potential. We take a principles-based approach to support constructive discussions and improve decision-making.


We have a clear mission, focused strategy, and strong culture, which supports the creation of value over the long term for our company, clients and society. Our operational solutions are right-sized to be practical.

Technical Management

We maintain substantial investment in research and development (R&D) to prepare for a clients’ wide range of needs and specifications.  These efforts permit us to advance our technologies to achieve affordable solutions for our government and commercial end users. Our management and engineer teams are available to discuss options and recommend solutions.

Mission Success

ETS has crafted life-critical missions possible. We implement a scientific approach to each program, calculating reliability and confirming performances and reliability through modeling and testing.

Corporate Ethics

ETS define ethics as an application of morally acceptable practices within all business; and compliance as a vehicle to conform. Ethics, integrity, and diversity are fundamental to achieving our corporate goal of providing sustainable services and programs now and in the future. ETS management and staff receive training and are required to recognize and comprehend the value of compliance with all applicable trade regulations, standards and rules. ETS management monitors its operations and appropriate support/service vendors  to insure full compliance with global trade embargoes, anti-boycott  controls and site regulations, import procedures and export activities. ETS has a zero tolerance policy for all forms of bribery and/or corruption which includes facilitation payment programs, expediting payment activities beyond a contract scope.

Our Role in the Environment

ETS is committed to being environmentally aware, actively support programs that reduce our company’s environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating procedures. We seek to understand the effects our business activities have on the environment by supporting initiatives such as:
• Reduction of material, water and energy consumption
• Waste minimization
• Recycling of all resources
We will encourage our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same. We recognize that we have a responsibility to the environment to meet or exceed legislative and regulatory requirements. We will ensure that this policy and all procedures relating to it are understood, implemented and maintained by all company employees.

Our Role in Our Community

We respect our neighbors and our planet.  Our business endorses activities to insure the safety and security of our operating facilities, offices and staff; we manage our business in the most environmental sound manner possible.

Electro-Tech Systems, Inc.