About ETS


Since its creation in 1970, Electro-Tech Systems, Inc. (ETS) has become a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrostatic measuring, monitoring, and simulation test instruments and services for the electronics, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical, university, and similar industrial and research fields.

Today ETS’s instruments define industry-standard testing in a wide range of applications, while our benchtop/glovebox environmental enclosures find use wherever material qualification tests require precise control of temperature and humidity levels.

Environmental Control Equipment and Gloveboxes
Electrostatic Instrumentation
Electrostatic (ESD) Testing and Consulting Services

ETS, 3101 Mount Carmel Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038Facilities:

ETS’s 12,000 ft2 facility in the Philadelphia suburbs encompasses all engineering, manufacturing, sales, and administrative activities, as well as a fully equipped ESD testing laboratory with environmental test chambers and an on-site controlled environment room.

Leadership Team:

The professionals that direct our engineering, operational, and outreach efforts claim more than a century of collective experience in the environmental control and electrostatics industries.

Troy Anthony, General Manager:
Troy holds MBA and BSEE degrees from Ohio University, and he joined ETS as general manager in February 2015. He comes to ETS from KeyBank, a top 25 financial institution, where he held an executive position with P&L and product development responsibilities. Troy’s experience also includes a stint as quality manager at Honda of America’s Marysville, Ohio plant.

Hien Tran, Director of Technology:
Hien graduated from Temple University in 1991 with a BSEE, and he has been with ETS for more than 20 years. Today he leads our research and design efforts, although his expertise extends to all aspects of production, manufacturing, and calibration. Hien’s areas of specialization include mass airflow sensor technology, temperature sensors, and electrostatic instrument design.

Stanley Weitz, Director of ESD Technology:
Currently ETS’s Director of ESD Technology, Stanley earned a BSEE from Purdue University in 1961 before completing graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University. He worked with the U.S. Navy and in industry to develop airborne antisubmarine warfare systems (ASW), and in the private sector on automotive diagnostic systems. Stanley’s experience also includes time spent as an independent consultant and part owner of an electronic manufacturing company specializing in medical instrumentation. He is a member of the ESD Association, SAE, ASTM and NFPA, and he has authored numerous specifications and test procedures used to classify static control materials and products.

Brian E. Hohman, Sales and Marketing:
Brian brings more than a quarter century of instrumentation experience to the role of sales manager, where he oversees our sales, marketing and advertising functions, and manages the ETS testing laboratory. Brian’s unique knowledge of electrostatic measurement and testing has been instrumental in the development and expansion of environmental control markets in the U.S. and abroad.

Jonathan Kolb, Manufacturing Supervisor:
Jonathan Kolb is an environmental control specialist with more than 15 years of experience in electronics and environmental control. As manufacturing supervisor, he holds ultimate responsibility for all aspects of production at ETS.

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