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Common FAQs

ESD Testing Services

Can a copy of the test method or specification for the testing being performed or equipment being purchased be supplied by ETS?
ETS does not provide copies of specifications or test methods. These are available (for a fee) from the issuing organization or their agents and are typically copyrighted. For additional information please see the LINK page of the web site
ETS makes every attempt to complete the testing as soon as possible. In many instances, the raw data sheets can be provided as soon as testing is completed.
Yes, ETS can modify an existing test procedure to test a material or object in accordance with a test method which may have been initially generated for another application. Any modifications to the standard procedure is noted in the formal test report.
Unfortunately no. When evaluating a material’s electrostatic performance there are several characteristics that may need to be evaluated (not all of these are applicable to all requirements). They are: Static Dissipation (or Static Decay), Resistance (or Resistivity), Triboelectric Charge Generation, Static Shielding and ESD Susceptibility. By performing the appropriate combination of tests, a realistic overview of the material or products electrostatic performance can be provided.
Communication between the material manufacturer and the end user is the single most important factor in assuring the most out of testing. Use of the proper terminology (by both parties) and referencing the appropriate test method(s) (for the intended end use) goes a long way to avoiding problems down the road.
ETS only releases test results to the company issuing the purchase order and any other company they have directed on the purchase order. ETS will only discuss the results with another party if requested in writing by the contracting company.
Turn around time is typically two to three weeks after receipt of samples and the necessary paperwork (purchase order, specification or test method reference, relative humidity level, etc). Once everything has been received, the specimens are scheduled with other testing lots. As soon as a chamber or room becomes available they are prepared and conditioned in accordance with the test method requirements. Although conditioning times can vary, most test methods require conditioning of the samples for a minimum of 48 hours. Once testing is completed, a formal report with data sheets is prepared.

Calibration Services

Can equipment be loaned during a repair?
No, loaner units are not available. However, units can be rented if scheduled in advance. Rental units are available in limited supply. Rental period is one month (minimum) and priced at 12.5% of purchase price per month.
Many pieces of ETS equipment are still in use after 20+ years. When repairing a piece of equipment older than 10 years, availability of parts may be an issue. ETS will attempt to repair equipment up to 25 years old.
ETS can provide prices for calibration. Repairs, if necessary are at an additional fee. In the event a repair is required, ETS will supply an estimate of the cost and await approval before the repair is completed. Cost estimates do not include shipping charges.
ETS will respond to QA information requests when submitted in writing and required by customers before work can be completed.
Calibration services are available for the specialized equipment we manufacture or sell. ETS equipment is supplied with either a Certificate of Calibration (if variable adjustments or manufacturing techniques are necessary to bring the equipment into agreement with NIST-traceable standards) or a Certificate of Conformance (where the equipment meets published specifications by inherent design), when applicable. (This does not apply to accessory items or subsystems). All calibrated equipment includes a calibration sticker listing the date of calibration, technician’s initials, and the suggested re-calibration date which is one year from the calibration date. The ETS Test and Calibration Department maintains equipment and procedures in accordance with ISO 17025. Calibration standards are calibrated yearly, or more frequently if necessary. The calibration due dates are tracked and NIST-traceability documents are kept on file. In the event your company requires an in-depth evaluation of our facility, please contact ETS to arrange for a visit by your inspection personnel. ETS does not imply or infer compliance with any requirements that are not listed above.
Calibration turn around time is usually 2 – 3 weeks and repair turn around time is typically 2 – 4 weeks after receipt of the equipment. ETS will make every effort to turn around the equipment as quickly as possible. To shorten the turnaround timeframe, ensure the equipment arrives with a PO and complete calibration/repair instructions.
All equipment that is returned to ETS for warranty and non-warranty repairs must be returned with an ETS RMA number. Please call 215-887-2196 for issuance of a RMA number. Calibration & warranty repairs should be returned in the original ETS packaging whenever possible. Significant damage can occur when equipment is poorly packed.
ETS policy is to correct any problems caused by workmanship in making repairs, or failure of components which we replace when making the repairs, for one year. ETS cannot be responsible for future failures unrelated to those originally repaired.
All shipping, handling and insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer for both warranty and non-warranty repairs.

Electrostatic Equipment

Can equipment be customized?
Yes, ETS can customize virtually any piece of equipment manufactured. Approximately 15% of the equipment sold is modified in some way to meet a customer’s specific requirement.
Yes, ETS can provide training on the wide range of electrostatic measuring and test equipment as a complement to our standard services.
Yes, ETS has a variety of demo equipment available for US customers to evaluate. To reserve an item for evaluation, ETS requires the following: A “No Charge” Purchase Order listing the equipment to be evaluated, a defined evaluation period (one or two weeks), shipping & billing addresses, phone and fax numbers, and a statement that the company accepts responsibility for the equipment and will return the equipment at the end of the agreed upon evaluation prepaid and in good condition, insured for the full amount. The customer will be liable for the full cost of equipment (which will be invoiced) if not returned as specified.
Yes. Along with providing an Operating Manual for each product, ETS also provides unlimited phone support. For a fee, ETS can provide a technician, engineer or consultant to train staff on the proper use of equipment and implementation of testing procedures. Fee based training is typically used when a company is entering a new field or finds it necessary to bring a group or facility up to speed in a short period of time. Training can be provided at ETS or at the customer’s facility.
Yes, ETS products are sold worldwide. Equipment is typically purchased directly through ETS or from one of our authorized distributors.
Expeience has shown that the vast majority of measurement variations are due to procedural differences. Something has changed or a procedure is being performed in a different manner. In addition, factors such as the relative humidity level, conditioning time, age of samples, migration of antistatic agents, additive type, test voltage, cutoff level, equipment used, data analysis and technical expertise can all contribute to differences. Material formulation may contribute to some erroneous readings and on rare occasions, equipment problems are involved. Many ESD materials change over time and with humidity. This dynamic characteristic may make it difficult to obtain similar results when taken at different times. The majority of ETS test equipment is supplied with a system check module or test fixture which is used to verify the functioning and accuracy of ETS equipment before testing begins and at different locations.

Environmental Control

A custom system is needed in a hurry. Can the order be rushed?
If in a rush, the best option is a standard unit. Minor modifications to standard units can be performed with minimal delay. Supplying a custom system allows the end user to get exactly what they want, however, the trade off is a lead time which can run from 60 to 90 days. ETS does, however, make every attempt to complete the work as soon as possible.
Yes, ETS provides a drawing to be reviewed and signed off by the customer before fabrication of the unit begins.
Yes, if a standard system does not meet your specific requirements, ETS can fabricate a custom environment to meet exact needs.
Yes, ETS offers systems that are ready to use out of the box.
Although the chambers and accessories are not extremely heavy, due to their large size, they are usually shipped by common carriers.
Customers who have the ability to fabricate their own environments buy the necessary items from ETS. This can include controllers, sensors, operating systems, gloves, etc.

The following check list will help ensure the correct chamber, controls and operating systems are ordered.

  • Will the system be used for testing, weighing, fabrication, storage or a combination.
  • Will the system be placed on a tabletop or on a cart
  • What is the minimum size needed (L x W x H)
  • What is the maximum size needed (L x W x H)
  • What is the humidity range needed
  • What is the tolerance for the relative humidity (±2, 3 or 5% R.H.)
  • What is the temperature range needed
  • What is the tolerance for the temperature (±1, 2 or 3°C)
  • What is the highest humidity and the highest temperature needed to be held together
  • What is the lowest humidity and the lowest temperature needed to be held together
  • Are any of the following available: (circle all that apply) house air, dry nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid CO2, distilled or deionized water, 115 VAC power
  • Is lighting inside the environment required
  • Is control of the air circulation within the chamber required
  • Is a power outlet inside the environment required
  • Will the chamber be used for one application or for several applications
  • Are gloves, iris ports or a solid front required
  • If using in a critical or high use application, are spare parts such as extra gloves and desiccant required to avoid downtime during critical use times
  • For custom systems, is the extra cost and lead time worth the benefits or will a standard unit be suffice
Different applications require different systems. Some facilities may have access to a certain type of gas or water while others have nothing available. By offering more choices, ETS is able to meet more specific needs for a wider range of applications.

General Information

Are credit cards accepted?
Yes, ETS accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment
ETS requires that a Formal Purchase Order (Not a Purchase Requisition) be issued for all equipment, testing and consulting services. The PO must include the following information: PO Number, Bill To, Ship To, Phone and Fax Numbers, Services or Equipment to be provided, voltage requirements (110 or 220 VAC), Cost per item and Shipping Instructions. The purchase order may be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to ETS. Orders will not be shipped based on a verbal order.