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Environmental Control

Environmental Control Products (Humidity & Temperature)

Environmental Control Products

ETS glove boxes, chambers, and control systems provide the measurement and precise control of temperature and humidity in enclosed environments required for electrostatics, electronics, petrochemical, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastic, biomedical, university research, and similar applications.

We offer standard chambers and custom enclosures, as well as controllers and operating systems for use with existing enclosures.

Chambers are available in both 115 and 230 VAC with or without glove ports.  All ETS products feature precision microprocessor-controlled humidity (<5% to >95% RH), temperature (-35°C to + 55°C), or both.

This level of precision enables users to not only guarantee a safe working environment, but to prevent the manufacturing defects and substandard research/test results that can result from uncontrolled environments.

At ETS we pride ourselves on finding solutions that are timely and affordable.  Our clients turn to us for assistance with:

  • Enabling handling and testing of hazardous materials within a controlled enclosure;
  • Retaining precise, controlled conditions when working with materials and compounds;
  • Reducing sealant and epoxy cure times, limiting downtime when manufacturing boards, assemblies, and structures; and
  • Providing chambers that negate electrostatic discharge by using our ESD-certified acrylic custom option.