Environmental Control

If in a rush, the best option is a standard unit. Minor modifications to standard units can be performed with minimal delay. Supplying a custom system allows the end user to get exactly what they want, however, the trade off is a lead time which can run from 60 to 90 days. ETS does, however, make every attempt to complete the work as soon as possible.

Yes, ETS provides a drawing to be reviewed and signed off by the customer before fabrication of the unit begins.

Yes, if a standard system does not meet your specific requirements, ETS can fabricate a custom environment to meet exact needs.

Yes, ETS offers systems that are ready to use out of the box.

Although the chambers and accessories are not extremely heavy, due to their large size, they are usually shipped by common carriers.

Customers who have the ability to fabricate their own environments buy the necessary items from ETS. This can include controllers, sensors, operating systems, gloves, etc.

The following check list will help ensure the correct chamber, controls and operating systems are ordered.

  • Will the system be used for testing, weighing, fabrication, storage or a combination.
  • Will the system be placed on a tabletop or on a cart
  • What is the minimum size needed (L x W x H)
  • What is the maximum size needed (L x W x H)
  • What is the humidity range needed
  • What is the tolerance for the relative humidity (±2, 3 or 5% R.H.)
  • What is the temperature range needed
  • What is the tolerance for the temperature (±1, 2 or 3°C)
  • What is the highest humidity and the highest temperature needed to be held together
  • What is the lowest humidity and the lowest temperature needed to be held together
  • Are any of the following available: (circle all that apply) house air, dry nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid CO2, distilled or deionized water, 115 VAC power
  • Is lighting inside the environment required
  • Is control of the air circulation within the chamber required
  • Is a power outlet inside the environment required
  • Will the chamber be used for one application or for several applications
  • Are gloves, iris ports or a solid front required
  • If using in a critical or high use application, are spare parts such as extra gloves and desiccant required to avoid downtime during critical use times
  • For custom systems, is the extra cost and lead time worth the benefits or will a standard unit be suffice

Different applications require different systems. Some facilities may have access to a certain type of gas or water while others have nothing available. By offering more choices, ETS is able to meet more specific needs for a wider range of applications.

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