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Resistance Meters

Resistance Meters for measuring packaging, work surfaces, flooring and material or objects where static charge is of concern

Resistance Meters

ETS offers a variety of resistance meters and probes to support numerous industry requirements and applications. Surface and/or volume resistance measurements are key parameters in describing materials’ electrical properties.

Model 863/6487 is full featured instrument with 8 measurement ranges and high-speed autoranging that can take measurements at speeds up to 1000 readings/second using source voltages ranging from 0.2mV to 505V. The alternating voltage polarity capability extends the measurement range to 1×1015  Ohms.

Model 871 is a high accuracy Autoranging Resistance Meter that measures values ranging from 1×103 to 5×1012 Ohms. The 871 is compatible with our expansive set of probe offerings capable of obtaining readings from almost any surface and or material.

Model 880 Surface Resistance Meter is designed to quickly test surface resistance, point-to-point and point-to-ground resistance in accordance with commonly referenced ESD Industry specifications for packaging, flooring, worksurfaces and other materials. The Model 880 is ideal for receiving, production, QC and auditing environments.