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Electrostatic Voltmeters and High Voltage Power Supplies

Electrostatic ESD Voltmeters

Electrostatic Voltmeters and High Voltage Power Supplies

voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring electric potential difference between two points. It has a high resistance so that it takes negligible current from the circuit.

The M 220B combines the ease of use of a digital voltmeter with the high input impedance and low input capacitance of a true electrostatic voltmeter in a small, portable, battery operated package. Being a true electrostatic voltmeter, not a field meter means that it reads actual voltage, without confusing it with electrostatic field strength, which is quite different.

Many applications require the measurement of a voltage or electrostatic charge on surfaces.  Electrostatic charges can buildup during handling, manufacturing, assembly and other operations that can impact production capacity and quality.