Onsite ESD Consulting

A variety of services are available for evaluating a site, a process, or equipment for ESD and static issues.  Some customers need an audit to determine compliance with ESD standards, including ASTM/ESD S20.20, while others have a specific problem that needs analysis. ETS is also experienced at introducing ESD safety to facilities and staff that previously had no experience with addressing electrostatic discharge issues.  Consulting is not limited to the electronics industry. Many diverse industries need help with electrostatic phenomena. 

S20.20 Compliance

ETS offers audits and consulting to help your organization become ESD compliant. Consulting includes gap analysis, training, and a detailed report. Training can be performed both in person and via video call as required. Help your environmentally protected area prevent electrostatic discharge, protect your sensitive products, and improve your processes. Ask us about rush orders if it is an emergency, such as a large number of product failures, recall situations, and much more.


ETS can assist you in identifying gaps and compliance with ANSI/ESD and IEC standards including the following:

Equipment and Process

Is your equipment ESD safe? Many ESD problems occur because equipment is not properly grounded, or perhaps a process is causing static buildup or discharge. These problems are solvable. Call us or email us for help. We can check your equipment and processes ahead of time to prevent a problem before it occurs.

ETS can assist you in identifying gaps and compliance with ANSI/ESD and IEC standards including the following:

ESD Safety Issues

Are your personnel or customers experiencing ESD shock? Do you work with flammable or explosive materials? Come to us for help and advice. We can narrow down possible sources of ESD discharge and help you meet your goals as safely as possible.


ETS has a comprehensive testing approach to investigating and preventing potential ESD safety issues in accordance with applicable standards:

Other Specialties

Environmental Control

Our Environmental Control products provide measurement and precise control of temperature and humidity in enclosed environments required for electrostatics, electronics, petrochemical, and more.

Electrostatic Instrumentation

ETS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrostatic measuring, monitoring, test and simulation equipment.


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