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Operating Systems – Humidification, Dehumidification, Heating & Cooling

 Humidification, Dehumidification, Heating & Cooling

Operating Systems – Humidification, Dehumidification, Heating & Cooling

Operating systems are the heart of any controlled environment. ETS 5400-Series operating systems are designed for the generation of humidity, dehumidification, heating and cooling.

These systems can be used individually or in combination in order to precisely maintain a variety of environmental conditions when integrated with an ETS 5000-Series controller. Please note: While all ETS chambers use 5400-Series  systems, they  can also be purchased individually to upgrade an existing environment, or design them into a customer system.

Each ETS operating system has its own unique benefits, as determined by the conditioning time requirements (long- or short-term), operational range, and the range of multiple systems to be used at the same time (humidity level, temperature, and duration). Please note: The specified range of each system is independent of what can be achieved when it is used in combination with other systems. Ultimately, performance depends on the operating system selected, environment size, conditioning time, equipment/samples inside the chamber, ambient conditions and set-point.

Dehumidify, humidify, heat and cool bench-top and floor standing chambers, dry boxes, glove boxes and desiccator cabinets with volumes up to 60 cu. ft. Configured to meet most humidity and temperature applications requiring independent control of humidity from <5% to >95% RH and temperature from -35°F to 135°F (-37°C to 55°C). Use with ETS or other controllers and chambers for testing, weighing, calibration, assembly, storage and R&D.