Model 235 – Triboelectric Charge Generation (Tribo) Test System


One of the most frequently used procedures for evaluating planar material is the inclined plane test method described in ESD ADV 11.21. The test measures the charge developed on Teflon and Quartz cylinders when rolled down a test sample mounted to a plane inclined at 15°. Measuring the antistatic property of material is one of the most important factors in determining the effectiveness of a static control product.

The Model 235 Triboelectric Charge Test System includes the Model 230 Nanocoulomb Meter with footswitch, Model 231 Faraday Cup, Model 236 Inclined Plane, Teflon & Quartz cylinders, Model 212 Static Meter, Ionizer and sample holders.

  • Complete triboelectric test system
  • Adjustable inclined plane
  • Preloaded specimen holders
  • Cylinder release mechanism
  • Foot operated controls
  • Meets ESD ADV 11.21