Calibration and Repairs

No, loaner units are not available. However, units can be rented if scheduled in advance. Rental units are available in limited supply. Rental period is one month (minimum) and priced at 12.5% of purchase price per month.

Many pieces of ETS equipment are still in use after 20+ years. When repairing a piece of equipment older than 10 years, availability of parts may be an issue. ETS will attempt to repair equipment up to 25 years old.

ETS can provide prices for calibration. Repairs, if necessary are at an additional fee. In the event a repair is required, ETS will supply an estimate of the cost and await approval before the repair is completed. Cost estimates do not include shipping charges.

ETS will respond to QA information requests when submitted in writing and required by customers before work can be completed.

Calibration services are available for the specialized equipment we manufacture or sell. ETS equipment is supplied with either a Certificate of Calibration (if variable adjustments or manufacturing techniques are necessary to bring the equipment into agreement with NIST-traceable standards) or a Certificate of Conformance (where the equipment meets published specifications by inherent design), when applicable. (This does not apply to accessory items or subsystems). All calibrated equipment includes a calibration sticker listing the date of calibration, technician’s initials, and the suggested re-calibration date which is one year from the calibration date. The ETS Test and Calibration Department maintains equipment and procedures in accordance with Mil-Std 45662A. This standard has since been superceded by ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 which is more stringent, however ETS does not strictly conform to the newer standard. Calibration data is normally not supplied with new equipment, although this may be requested at the time of ordering at additional charge. (The cost is typically our normal charge for a calibration with data.) Calibration standards are calibrated yearly, or more frequently if necessary. The calibration due dates are tracked and NIST-traceability documents are kept on file. The calibration lab used to calibrate ETS standards is fully Z540-certified. ETS’ calibration system adequately meets the requirements of most of our customers and therefore, we are not seeking independent approvals. In the event your company requires an in-depth evaluation of our facility, please contact ETS to arrange for a visit by your inspection personnel. ETS does not imply or infer compliance with any requirements that are not listed above.

Calibration turn around time is usually 2 – 3 weeks and repair turn around time is typically 2 – 4 weeks after receipt of the equipment. ETS will make every effort to turn around the equipment as quickly as possible. To shorten the turnaround timeframe, ensure the equipment arrives with a PO and complete calibration/repair instructions.

All equipment that is returned to ETS for warranty and non-warranty repairs must be returned with an ETS RMA number. Please call 215-887-2196 for issuance of a RMA number. Calibration & warranty repairs should be returned in the original ETS packaging whenever possible. Significant damage can occur when equipment is poorly packed.

ETS policy is to correct any problems caused by workmanship in making repairs, or failure of components which we replace when making the repairs, for one year. ETS cannot be responsible for future failures unrelated to those originally repaired.

All shipping, handling and insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer for both warranty and non-warranty repairs.