Electro-Tech Systems Inc. is pleased to announce a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Equipment Advisory Board (EAB)

November 5, 2019 —

Strategic Partnership Agreement

Electro-Tech Systems Inc. Glenside, PA 19038 is pleased to announce a Strategic Partnership Agreement has been achieved with the Equipment Advisory Board (EAB); managed and operated by ACI Technologies, Philadelphia, PA 19113.

The EAB is an evolving membership board that shares the mission to continually bring advanced methods of manufacturing and quality control technology to all who interact with ACI Technologies.

This is accomplished in several ways, but none more effectively than through the strategic partnerships which enable ACI to showcase manufacturing equipment from some of the world’s most advanced manufacturers.

The EAB has been a cornerstone of ACI Technologies almost from its inception. Not only does it highlight different aspects of manufacturing technology to over one thousand visitors each year, but through upgrades and expanding capabilities, it represents different levels of technology and methods.

EAB member partners currently provide services and equipment for x-ray analysis, microscopy, automated optical inspection (AOI), rework, cleaning, selective soldering, wave soldering, conformal coating, wire bonding, adhesive dispensing, two lines of surface mount technology (SMT) production, customized environmental chambers, electronic static discharge (ESD) equipment, equipment calibration, equipment repair, on-site auditing services and consulting services applicable to new product design.

EAB member partners have generously provided their equipment to the industry, recognizing the value proposition world-wide subscribers of the EMPFasis (the official newsletter of the National Electronics Manufacturing Center of Excellence), global facility visitors and viewers of the website will have in-depth exposure to their unique apparatus.

ACI Technologies (www.aciusa.org) is the perfect venue to see the industry’s most advanced, cutting-edge electronics manufacturing machinery and processes in action.

Not only do EAB partners demonstrate the complete, specialized capabilities of their equipment during pre-scheduled tours and meetings, but also at free, monthly workshops. These open house style events allow different manufacturing technologies to be discussed in detail. The “lunch and learn” format is sponsored by our EAB partners with the goal of sharing their expertise in their given field.

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