JANUARY 2, 2018 – As an innovative leader in the design of electrostatic equipment for the past 45 years, Electro-Tech Systems (ETS) of Glenside, PA is pleased to introduce the 9903-JS002 Charged Device Model (CDM) Test System. This new system is fully compliant with Specification ANSI/ESD/JEDEC JS-002-2014 and related methods offering both large and small disk calibration compliance. The system is designed to work with all ETS 9910 Series ESD Simulators and brings fully compliant induced CDM testing capabilities to your laboratory and production department.

As a customer driven organization providing high quality, value driven solutions, ETS continually strives to improve our products and services by assisting customers achieve their goals and stay ahead of industry trends and the competition. ETS offers the industry’s most respected line of discharge simulators providing full compliance for HBM, MM, HMM and CDM. For additional information and an opportunity to work with the best systems on the market please contact ETS at

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