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Many ESD protection solutions in the market today are designed with consumer devices in mind, but automotive designers also worry about the “normal” ESD situations, as well as automotive-specific events.

The SAE Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice SAE J1645 deals with ESD charge phenomena that may occur in automotive fuel systems and applies to the following:

  • Fuels that exist in a liquid state at ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures, and are contained in vehicle fuel tanks that operate at or near atmospheric pressure. This includes gasoline and diesel fuels, as well as their blends with additives including alcohols, esters, and ethers whether the additives are petroleum based or bio-fuel based;
  • The group of components that comprise the fuel system (in contact and not in contact with fuels);
  • Other components in proximity to the fuel system that may be affected by electrostatic fields caused by the fuel system; and
  • Electrostatic phenomena that arise from (or are affected by) flowing fuel in the fuel delivery system or dispensed to the vehicle while it is being fueled.

ETS has worked with automotive companies around the world to provide testing, consulting, training, and equipment specifically designed to test in compliance with SAE J1645.  ETS has the solutions you need to ensure the safety of your automotive fuel systems.

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