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Cosmetics, Hair Care, and Personal Care Products

ETS Products

Cosmetics, Hair Care, and Personal Care Products

ETS offers a wide range of innovative Environmental Control Chambers and Electro-Static Discharge ideally suited for the Cosmetics, Hair and Personal Care Industry.  Specialized solutions to make your business faster, simpler, safer & more efficient. We are a leader in our industry; let us help you lead your industry.

Environmental Control Chambers

ETS is a world-leading manufacturer of temperature-and humidity -controlled chambers for evaluating the performance of cosmetics, hair and personal care products.  Our temperature and humidity chambers are at work; day after day in the labs of industry leaders like L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever.

Our chambers can simulate:

  • Hot and dry conditions like the desert
  • Hot and humid conditions like the tropics
  • Cold conditions like Autumn or Winter

ETS chambers can be configured to meet your needs.  Features can include:

  • Software that enables the control and tracking of conditions inside the chamber to ensure that the samples under test are exposed to the required conditions for the appropriate amount of time.
  • A variety of sizes if you have a piece of test equipment that needs to fit inside a chamber

ETS has also developed partnerships to ensure that our chambers meet their requirements and are “ready-to-go” for their customers testing applications such as tensile testing.  This allows cosmetics and hair companies to test the effects of their products on skin, hair, and nails in extreme temperatures.  This includes specialty equipment makers such as:

  • Dia-Stron, a hair testing specialist company
  • Instron, a tensile testing equipment specialist company

If you are involved with testing cosmetic, hair and personal care products in a controlled environment, contact the experts at ETS to learn how we can help you.

ESD – Electro-Static Discharge

Manufacturing cosmetics requires tools and processes that can pose serious risks to both the product and personnel from electrostatic hazards.  In some cases, fires have resulted in loss of product and even in the deaths of employees.  These accidents can easily be avoided by checking resistance of:

  • Packaging
  • Capital Equipment
  • Liquids
  • Powders

It does not have to cost a fortune either.  Inexpensive tools can be used to make sure tools and products are in the dissipative range, such as

  • Model 871 resistance meter
  • Model 832 clamps for testing point-to-point resistance
  • Model 828 resistivity test cell for testing liquids and powders
  • Model 844 resistance probe for measuring packaging resistance
  • Model 4406 Static Decay Analyzer for measuring the Static Decay time of planar materials
  • Model 803B probe for measuring the surface resistivity and volume resistivity of planar materials.

If equipment costs are prohibitive, our test lab is also available.  There is no reason to expose a customer or a chemical to unnecessary static shock, and ETS is here to find out if your equipment, products, processes, applicators, or packaging pose a static risk.

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