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Calibrations & Repairs

Calibration Services:

Our Calibration and Repair Department provides calibration services for all ETS equipment. We recommend that all ETS products be calibrated annually.

Returning your equipment to ETS: Contact ETS for a Tracking Number before shipment to help us schedule and track your equipment while here in our laboratory.

We offer two levels of calibration:

1. Calibration with data – For systems requiring our most thorough calibration, ETS test technicians carry out the model-specific calibration procedure twice; the first time we record the as-received data before any adjustments, while the second time we make all necessary calibration changes and record the final values after adjustment. Customers receive copies of all data sheet(s), showing measured parameters before and after the calibration process. This service also includes a one-page Certificate of Calibration, and a calibration sticker is affixed to the equipment.

2. Standard calibration – Calibration includes a traceable certificate of calibration. If you require ‘before and after’ data then the data sheets will be included also. (Some quality systems require this. Data is taken “as received” and then again “after calibration”. This way if an item is found to be out-of-spec you will know how far out it was.)

Please note: For those products (such as certain probes) that do not offer adjustability, ETS can test and certify operation either with or without data.

Pricing:  A standard price list will be provided for calibration services. Repairs (if necessary) are not included in the calibration prices. If repairs are necessary, we will prepare a repair estimate which will be submitted to you for approval before proceeding with any repairs.

Turnaround Time: ETS target service level is to complete calibration within 2 weeks but please see your quote for specific estimated turnaround time.  Expedited service is available for a premium charge — please inquire if you need service faster than 2 weeks. Our goal is to provide high quality, timely service to our customers. Major rebuilds or repairs will take longer and we will provide estimated timing.

Accreditations: ETS is operating in compliance with ISO 17025 and expects to be accredited by ANAB mid-year 2022.

Warranty on Repairs: Our policy is to correct any problems caused by workmanship in making repairs, or failure of components which we replace when making the repairs, for ninety days. Because of the age of the equipment we cannot be responsible for future failures unrelated to the repair.

Recommended Calibration Schedule: The suggested calibration interval is one year as shown on the Certificate of Calibration. Due to legal requirements we cannot extend the Calibration Due date on the Certificate.


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