ETS Laboratory Testing Services

Quality and Assurance   

Electro Tech Systems Lab Services can save you a lot of headaches and money down the road. Often a company will purchase or manufacture a material under the impression that it is ESD safe. Even if this has been an established supplier with a long-time relationship it is still worth testing the material from time to time. The suppliers themselves are encouraged to have their products tested periodically to ensure that what they are producing is still meeting the standards they set forth. Checking ESD material from suppliers helps confirm that over time quality hasn’t degraded or help spot a faulty batch. This QA not only helps maintain the credibility of your company but helps avoid any liability actions that could come from consequently using noncompliant materials. A simple periodic lab check could protect you from future disaster.   

ETS evaluates the electrostatic characteristics of materials and products using resistance/resistivity, static decay, static shielding and triboelectric test methods. Tests are performed at ambient or controlled-environment conditions, and ETS’ facilities include microprocessor-controlled humidity chambers and a controlled environment room. ETS tests a broad range of products across various industries some examples are; 

Materials & Products; 

Liquids and Powders , Flooring , Fuel Systems , ESD Packaging , Seating, Workstation, & Garments


Automotive , Bio-Medical , Pharmaceutical, Industrial , Semiconductors, Aerospace, Plastics

Standards and Expertise   

ETS is a leader in ESD expertise and can perform testing using many standards or test methods (ie; IEC, ANSI/ESD, MIL, ASTM). Having an independent third-party lab such as ETS test the products can help to mediate disputes between organizations with reliable results.  If it is important for your company to ensure that your product or supply meets the needs of the industry, our experts and guidance are available.  Product qualification usually requires third party testing before releasing a product on the market.  

Unusual or unexpected issues in the field may require some experience with unique situations, and ETS can help with that.  This particular specialization is considered to be somewhat of a niche, so there are very few experts available who have encountered certain problems. Companies often cannot explain static buildup, unusual discharges, and ESD hazards that may be uncommon or come from unusual sources.  ETS offers consulting to help solve these problems in the form of video calls or in-person facility visits and measurements. Education and training sessions are also available. 

To find out more about what services we offer to help you solve these and many other problems, click here to visit our testing services page. 

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