Model 930D ESD Gun – Electrostatic Discharge Simulator


With more than 30 years of history meeting ESD susceptibility testing requirements, the 930D is the industry’s most consistent gun solution. Focused on delivering ESD testing at the system level, ESD guns create discharge events in accordance with various industry specifications over a wide range of voltages. Operating the 930D is easy thanks to the clearly defined user interface and robust gun design. The unit’s deliberate simplicity yields industry leading waveform consistency, a crucial benefit most modern guns fail to provide. With many standard and custom Discharge modules available the 930 is certain to address your system-level ESD testing needs

The Model 930D ESD Gun style Electrostatic Discharge Simulator generates ESD discharge pulses from ±100V to ±26kV. Available RC Networks include a 1.5k ohm/100pf Human Body Model (HBM) Network, 330 ohm/150 pf IEC Network or choose from a variety of automotive, electronic, medical or military networks.

The 930D consists of a control unit and a discharge (gun) unit connected by a detachable 10-ft cable. The control unit houses the low voltage power supply with LED status indicators, system timing electronics, .5″ LED voltage display and controls for the AUTO MODE event counter and high voltage power supply. In addition, a duplicate set of Charge/Discharge controls are provided for remote operation.

The discharge unit (gun) contains the high voltage power supply and high voltage relay plus plug-in resistor and capacitor networks. It incorporates high voltage ON/OFF, MANUAL/ AUTO and RELAY/AIR discharge controls along with LED status indicators. A ¼-20 threaded hole enables the gun to be mounted to a tripod.

The system has four modes of operation: AUTO COUNT, FREE RUN, MANUAL and AIR DISCHARGE. Air Discharge and Manual operations are controlled by the switches on the gun. The complete system is housed in an ABS carrying case.

  • Voltage range: ±100 – ±26,000V (Optional: Up to ±30,000V)
  • Contact and Air Discharge capabilities
  • Remote discharge capability
  • High Quality waveform where accuracy counts
  • Test data is stored in memory and can be easily downloaded.
  • Custom discharge network modules are available
  • Numerous mounts and fittings available for gun positioning
  • System comes packaged in an industrial carrying case
  • Plug-in R/C networks test in accordance with HBM, IEC, and MIL Standards
  • Optional E & H-Field Probes
  • Optional IEC Test Target
  • ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2023
  • IEC 61000-4-2
  • MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-883-3, Method 3015.9
R/C Network Options:
  • HBM RC Network: 1.5kΩ Resistor, 100pF capacitor
  • IEC HMM Network: 330Ω Resistor, 150pF Capacitor
  • Mil-Discharge RC Network: 0Ω, 500Ω, and 5kΩ Resistors, 500pF Capacitor