Model 880 – Resistance Meter (Autoranging, Portable)


The Model 880 Surface Resistance Meter is designed to test surface resistance, point-to-point and point-to-ground resistance in accordance with commonly referenced ESD Industry specifications for packaging, flooring, worksurfaces and other materials.

The Model 880 is ideal for receiving, production, QC and auditing environments.

The Model 880 utilizes a parallel bar electrode design and has a measurement range of 10E3 – 10E12 ohms with an accuracy of ±10%. A tri-color 12 LED array indicates the resistance of the material in ohms and characterize the material as conductive, dissipative or insulative. The Model 880 is CE compliant and is supplied in a carrying case including an accessory cable with alligator clip, operating instructions and a certificate of calibration.

  • Autoranging: <10E3 to >10E12 Ohms
  • Autoselect test voltages: 10 & 100 Volts
  • Measures surface resistance & RTG
  • Parallel bar electrodes
  • Auxiliary probe input jacks
  • ±10% measurement accuracy
  • Carrying case with RTG cable
  • Compact, low cost
  • CE certified