Pin-Style Probes

Model 823 Pin-Style Resistance Probe, 54 Pins, 3.0″ Measurement


The Model 823 Probe utilizes fifty-four spring-loaded pin-style gold plated electrodes to measure the resistance or resistivity of nearly any surface including non-flat samples and multi-layer laminates.

  • The probe is comprised of eighteen center electrodes surrounded by thirty-six electrodes in the outer ring. The gold plated electrodes are socket mounted for easy replacement.
  • Recommended Minimum Measurement size is a 3.0” (76mm) diameter surface and a 0.438” (11mm) deep cavity.
  • Each electrode requires 5 oz. (688 gr.) for total compression.

Due to its’ larger size and weight, the Model 823 does not utilize the ETS Model 848 Handle Assembly.


  • Resistance Probe
  • Test Lead
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • User Manual