Model 2004 – SAE J1645 Resistance/Dissipation Kit


The ETS Model 2004 Resistance/Dissipation Test Kit provides all necessary instrumentation along with easy to follow procedures for meeting SAE J1645 requirements. The ETS Model 880 Resistance Indicator performs resistance measurements at 10 or 100V while the Model 204-6 measures dissipation time from 1000-100V in 0.02 to 6.0 sec. The Model 832 Resistance/Dissipation Electrodes provide the specified contact to the test part. Completing the Kit is the precision Model 546 Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Indicator plus all required accessories housed in a sturdy ABS carrying case.

  • Resistance measurements from 10E3 to 10E12
  • Charge plate dissipation from 1000-100V
  • Specified J1645 clamp electrodes
  • Humidity/Temperature Meter
  • Tripod, insulated test surface, grounding module & carrying case included