M 5000 Series – Temperature and Humidity Controllers


Electro-Tech System’s easy to use humidity and temperature controllers put you in command. All controllers deliver industry leading measurement and precision control. Crisp LED displays indicate conditions and status of systems. Achieving set point control is as easy as inputting your desired values, connecting the relevant systems, and flipping the power switch. Optional real time plotting, and condition recording is available with optional software. Controllers can be configured to drive single or dual variables processes based on your needs.

The Series 5000 Controllers are designed to monitor and precisely control the temperature and humidity within a chamber or glovebox. These controllers are highly flexible instruments that monitor and control not only humidity and temperature, but virtually any process measurable with a sensor having a linear voltage output. Using a common platform, the controllers are available in both single and dual configurations. Dual controllers can be configured to control two linear parameters or control one and only monitor the other.  Controllers are also available with a choice in module utilized (3300, 9500P) which affects functionality:

  • 3300 module:  Continuously displays the measured parameter and when the Function button is depressed, displays the set point. It can also perform a single ramp/soak cycle.
  • 9500P module: Displays both the measured parameter and set point simultaneously, performs multiple ramp/soak cycles and includes a third set point for alarming.

The controllers can operate as stand-alone units or as part of a computer-controlled system using the optional software package that can control, monitor and log up to 32 control modules simultaneously.

LEDs in both modules indicate the operating status of the control function. Front panel ON/OFF switches enable the respective operating systems to be placed in standby without disturbing controller settings.

Solid-state relays power standard North American AC outlets installed on the rear panel. Optional IEC outlets for 115/230V are available. Each module controls two power outlets: one for the increase and one for the decrease operating system such as humidifier/dehumidifier or heater/cooler.

  • Microprocessor PID control
  • Single & dual controllers
  • Easy installation & operation
  • Accurate, precision sensors
  • Humidity, Temperature or combination configurations
  • Control any linear process
  • Single & multiple Ramp/Soak profiling
  • 90-240VAC power
  • Optional third parameter control
Product Details
5200-441-431 Humidity and Temperature Controller - Dual Parameter Control and Dual Display      

  • Dual 9500 Series Microprocessor PID controllers with simultaneous dual display of Set Point and Current Value
  • Multiple Ramp/Soak programming capabilities and built-in RS485 Communications

5200-241-231 Humidity and Temperature Controller - 5200-241-231 Humidity and Temperature Controller (3300 Series) with RS485 Communication Board  

  • Dual 3300 Series Microprocessor PID controllers
  • Includes RS485 Communication Board for Computer/Software Control (Optional USB adapter available)

5200-240-230 Humidity and Temperature Controller - 5200-240-230 Humidity and Temperature Controller (3300 Series)  

  • Dual 3300 Series Microprocessor PID controllers

5200-240-030 Humidity Controller with Temperature Monitoring - 5200-240-030 Humidity Controller and Temp (Read Only/Not controlled) (3300 Series)  

  • Single 3300 Series Microprocessor PID controller for Humidity Control
  • Temperature Monitoring Readout (not controlled)

5100-441 Humidity Controller - 5100-441 Humidity Controller (9500 Series)  

  • Single 9500 Series Microprocessor PID controller

5100-230 Temperature Controller - Temperature Controller - Single Parameter and Single Display  

  • Single 3300 Series Microprocessor PID controller

5100-240 Humidity Controller - 5100-240 Humidity Controller (3300 Series)  

  • Single 3300 Series Microprocessor PID control

5100-241 Humidity Controller - 5100-241 Humidity Controller with RS485 Communications Board (3300 Series)  

  • Single 3300 Series Microprocessor PID controller
  • Includes RS485 Communications Board for Computer Control (Optional USB adapter available)