Renewable Molecular Sieve Desiccant – 2 Refills (1 liter each)


Molecular sieves (also known as Synthetic Zeolite) adsorb moisture more strongly than many other desiccants. This can be seen by the high initial slope of the adsorption isotherm for molecular sieve as compared to the other desiccants. What does this mean? Where a very low relative humidity is required, molecular sieves are often the most economic desiccant because of their high adsorption capacity at low relative humidity. Also, molecular sieves will not give up moisture as readily as temperatures rise. This is particularly important to environmental chambers which can potentially see a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Molecular sieve contains a uniform network of crystalline pores and empty adsorption cavities, which give it an internal adsorptive surface area of 700 to 800 sq. m per g (1/2 the total volume of the crystals). Because of its uniform structure, molecular sieve will not give up moisture as readily. Being synthetic rather than naturally occurring, molecular sieve is higher in cost per unit, but due to its extremely large range of adsorptive capabilities, it is often the best value.

  • ETS Molecular Sieve includes 2 bags of 1 Liter each (mixed 800mL non-indicating with 200mL blue indicating pellets).
  • Renewable, indicating molecular sieve desiccant makes it easy to identify when it is time to replace or renew the desiccant
  • ETS Molecular Sieves can be utilized with ETS chambers and glove boxes or other enclosures utilizing a desiccant dehumidification.
  • Utilize Molecular Sieve Desiccant to decrease humidity from ambient to as low as 5% R.H. (performance depends on the size of the environment)
  • ETS high capacity (1 liter desiccant) systems provide much longer continuous operation than competitors’ systems.

$159.00 ea.