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Working with industry leads such as Dia-Stron, ETS continues to expand and improve the features and functions of the Model 5533 Controlled Environment Chamber.

“When testing the mechanical properties of single hair and natural fibres, which are susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature, the controllable environment of the ETS 5533 ensures accurate, reproducible results for both Dia-Stron and our customers.

By adjusting specific environmental factors, studies can be conducted to investigate how the mechanical properties of fibres are affected by different humidity conditions, and the chamber has also proved useful for our customers to reduce the rate of evaporation of liquid during wet testing by increasing the humidity in the chamber environment.” ~ Dr Rebecca Lunn, Application Manager at Dia-Stron

For 2021, we have upgraded the Humidification System which now produces a particle size less than 5 microns allowing better dispersion and uniformity of humidity levels within the chamber. Additionally, precision cooling to 10C can now be achieved with the selection of the optional 500W Thermoelectric Cooling System allowing a wider temperature range of 10C to 50C. While the standard system meets most requirements, additional options are available that allow fine tuning to meet your specific requirements. Other industry sectors benefitting from the 5533 included University, Cosmetics and Government Research. All ETS systems are designed and manufactured in the USA. For additional information please visit the 5533 Controlled Environment Product Page or contact us at sales@ets2.com.