5533 X-Large Glove Box

Model 5533 – X-Large Integrated Environmental Chamber/Glovebox


Model 5533 X-Large Environment: The 5533 is designed to accommodate larger equipment and material by providing an extra 6 inches of depth compared to the Model 5532.    The unit provides a precise, stable temperature and humidity controlled environment with a functional internal volume of over 12 cubic feet (343L). The robust acrylic construction provides the user with superior visibility, a substantial benefit stainless-steel construction cannot deliver.

The system can precisely and reliably maintains humidity from 5% to 95+% RH and and is available with temperature options ranging from -35ºC to 50ºC based on configuration.

Common applications include laboratory testing, conditioning or storage of samples, industrial processing and for consumer product development or industrial applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, electrostatic, military, food product analysis, university research and other industries.

  • External Dimensions: 52″W x 31.25″D x 22″H
  • Internal Usable Space: 38.5″W x 25.75″D x 21″H
  • Dual Display Microprocessor PID Humidity and Temperature Control Panel with USB Interface and CalGraphix Control and Data Collection Software
  • Configurable Heating/cooling options available offer controllable range of -35° to 50° C @ 23° C ambient:
    • Integrated Heating Panel with Thermal Protection: 50° C
    • Thermoelectric (single unit): 17° C
    • Thermoelectric (dual): 12° C
    • Liquid CO2 cooling: 0° C
    • Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling: -35° C
  • Humidification/dehumidification options offer a controllable range of 5% RH to 95% RH:
    • High Capacity Humidification System: >95% RH
    • Dry Gas Dehumidification System: 5% RH (varies based on dry gas utilized)
    • Integrated Self-Regenerating Dehumidification (requires air supply): 7% RH
    • Molecular Sieve (1 liter) Desiccant Pump Dehumidification System: 10% RH
  • Two Doors with ½-turn latches:
    • Front Door: 32″x14″ (81×36 cm)
    • Side Door: 14″x4″ (36×10 cm)
  • Integrated internal LED Lighting
  • 3/8″ clear & white acrylic construction
  • Dual Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Standard 2.25″ diameter cable pass-through
  • Two 4mm tubing pass through holes located on front bottom right of chamber (plugged if not needed)