Universal Glovebox Iris Ports for 8″ Ports


Iris Ports eliminate the use of bulky gloves when working with delicate instruments. ETS Iris Ports are superior to competing Iris Ports that are often more expensive by utilizing the latest additive manufacturing technology and premium materials.

  • Made of a durable, pliable material that won’t break even if accidently dropped on a hard floor — competing Iris Ports are often made out of brittle plastic.
  • Remain safely and securely clamped in place — your arm won’t ever accidently pull this Iris Port out of the Glovebox port.
  • Provides a 17% larger opening for your arm making it easier and more comfortable to use than competing products.
  • Utilizes layers of Nitrile rather than latex rubber – Nitrile is stronger, has better chemical resistance, and is a more hypoallergenic choice.
  • Includes Iris Port covers at no additional cost — why pay extra for covers?
  • Fits common 8″ glovebox ports with external diameters ranging from 8 3/16” (20.8 cm) to 8-5/16” (21.2 cm). Minium recommended mounting depth is 7/8″ (22 mm).