M 5482 Humidification System


Electro-Tech Systems’ Model 5482 Humidifier is built for industrial and laboratory applications.  The 5482 is a high-performance industrial and laboratory grade humidifier.  The unit creates a 5-micron droplet size which avoids moisture deposition on sensitive items.  The Model 5482 Glove Box Humidification System can be utilized in an open-loop or closed-loop configuration and functions with any ETS controller. A 5-gallon water tank is included. Deionized or distilled water is recommended.

  • Fine 5-micron Droplets reduce moisture deposition on sensitive items.
  • Design minimizes noise and vibration that could impact sensitive measurements.
  • Built-in support for open loop or closed loop operation.
  • Universal Voltage Supply 85VAC to 305VAC makes it easy use anywhere.
  • Designed for use with any ETS 5000 Series Controller.
  • Standard 1 inch hose barb connection can be utilized with any ETS chamber.