M 5482 Humidification System


The M 5482 Humidification System is a high performance industrial and laboratory grade humidifier.  The system utilizes premium dual ultrasonic elements for high output performance and creates a 5-micron droplet size which avoids moisture deposition on sensitive items.  The system can humidify glovebox or chamber environments, including the X-Large M 5533 Series, to over 95% RH at ambient temperatures.

The M 5482 glovebox humidification system can be utilized in an open-loop or closed-loop configuration and functions with any ETS controller. A 5-gallon water tank is included. Deionized or distilled water is recommended.  An optional inline intake filter is available to avoid viral or particulate contaminates from entering the humidification system and glovebox chamber.

Product Features:
  • Fine 5-micron Droplets reduce moisture deposition on sensitive items.
  • Design minimizes noise and vibration that could impact sensitive measurements.
  • Built-in support for open loop or closed loop operation.
  • Universal Voltage Supply 85VAC to 305VAC makes it easy use anywhere.
  • Designed for use with any ETS 5000 Series Controller.
  • Standard 1 inch hose barb connection can be utilized with any ETS chamber.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical research and processing
  • University research
  • Cosmetics and Hair care research
  • Electrostatic material testing
  • Curing of RTV adhesives, etc.
  • Engineering Applications
  • Preconditioning samples