Introducing the Upgraded ETS Model 5502 Environmental Chamber Series for Instron™ Universal Testing Machines

Tensile and compression testing systems commonly referred to as UTM’s (Universal Testing Machines) are integral in providing reliable data in a modern, cutting-edge laboratory. ETS now provides our customers with a wide array of chamber options. All systems are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the user providing consistent and accurate testing and data collection.

Systems can include hand access ports, full chamber insulation, a camera view window, software for environmental monitoring and other options. A sliding rail system can also be included to allow the chamber to slide away from the UTM, allowing easy access and fixture changing.

ETS can provide humidity and temperature control individually or in combination. Depending on the specific requirements, our systems can maintain conditioning levels from -40 °C to 80 °C and 10 – 90% RH (RH range will be limited based on the required temperature.) All systems are designed and manufactured in the USA. For additional information visit the M 5502 Environment Control Chamber Series product page or contact us at


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