Model 220B – High Impedance Digital Contact Voltmeter (up to 10.5kV)


The Model 220B is a high-impedance non-loading voltmeter designed for use in a variety of different applications. The compact size, light weight and battery powered operation make the Model 220A ideally suited for use in both laboratory and field applications.

Standard voltmeters are not capable of measuring high voltage sources with high output impedance without loading the output. Originally designed for the U.S. Army to calibrate radiation measuring equipment, the Model 220B with 70 Gigohm input impedance can measure DC voltages up to ±10.5 kV with 1Volt resolution over a wide range of temperature and humidity with better than 1% accuracy without loading the power source.

Per ESD S20.20 section 8.3.2, to ensure accurate measurement of isolated conductors, it is recommended to use a high impedance contact voltmeter such as the ETS M 220B.  Non-contact electrostatic voltmeter or electrostatic field meters may result in inaccurate measurements if the spot resolution (the smallest measurement area that the meter can resolve) is smaller than the isolated conductor being measured.

  • DC measurement to ±10.5 kV
  • 1% measurement accuracy
  • 70 Gigohm input resistance
  • LCD Screen
  • 36″ HV Probe
  • Battery powered
  • Includes Universal Voltage Power Supply