Model 871 Wide Range Resistance Meter


The 871 Autoranging Wide Range Resistance Meter provides quick and easy resistance measurements in a small portable package that measures values ranging from 100 to 1012 Ohms. The Model 871 is a precision, battery or AC powered, autoranging, microcomputer-based instrument that meets the requirements for measuring resistance from 1×103 to 1×1012Ohms using selectable test voltages of 10 or 100 Volts.  Many applications require measuring the resistance characteristics of packaging, work surfaces, flooring and material or objects where the build-up and dissipation of static charge is of concern.  The 871 is compatible with our expansive set of probe offerings capable of obtaining readings from almost any surface and or material. Meeting all relevant ESDA, ASTM, EIA, SAE, DOD, and international IEC, CECC specifications, the 871 is truly is the one stop solution for obtaining the resistance insight you value.

  • Autoranging
  • 1×102 to 1×1011 ohms@ 10V
  • 1×105 to 1×1012  ohms @ 100V
  • Accuracy better than 2% up to 109; then 5%
  • Large 2-line alphanumeric display
  • Remote measurement activation available
  • Compatible with most resistance probes
  • PC compatible COMM port
  • Battery or AC powered


$2,495.00 ea.