Model 850 – 5 lb Resistance Electrode Probe


Protect Your Electrostatic Discharge Susceptible Items by ensuring your ESD prevention is working. Electro-tech system’s Model 850 resistance electrode probe provides you with ability to measure resistance employing both point-to-ground (RTG) and point-to-point (RTT). The 850 is designed to measure the resistance of any planar surface. The probe can be used to make measurements on floors, mats, workbenches, garments, seating or any other flat surface where the resistance between two points is required. The probe is a 2.5 inch diameter electrode made from carbon impregnated, .25″ thick silicon rubber w a Shore-A hardness of 65 durometer and weighs 5-lbs (2.2 kg). Contact resistance of the complete probe is less than 100 Ohms. When integrated with the ETS 871 Wide Range Resistance Meter, resistance values can be seamlessly read.

  • Standard 5-pound weight
  • 2.5″ dia. conductive rubber electrode
  • Calibrated contact resistance less than 100 Ohms
  • 5-foot cable is included with each probe.

Applicable Standards:

  • ANSI/ESD S4.1 – Worksurfaces – Resistance Measurements
  • ANSI/ESD S7.1  – Floor Materials – Resistive Characterization of Materials
  • ANSI/ESD S9.2 – Footwear – Foot Grounders Resistive Characterization
  • ANSI/ESD STM2.1 – Garments – Resistive Characterization
  • ANSI/ESD STM12.1 – Seating – Resistance Measurement
  • ANSI/ESD STM97.1 – Floor Materials and Footwear – Resistance Measurement in Combination with a Person
  • ANSI/ESD ESD-ADV53.1 – ESD Protective Workstations
  • ASTM F150 – Standard Test Method for Electrical Resistance of Conductive and Static Dissipative Resilient Flooring