M 5515 Series – Sub-Zero Environmental Glovebox


The Model 5515 Sub-Zero environmental glovebox is designed for customers that require development and testing of materials, compounds and substances that require an inert, low humidity, and sustained subzero temperature environment to maintain salient product characteristics. The Model 5515 provides a large, easy access interior, excellent viewing through a large clear front, and optimizes space utilization by minimizing chamber wall thickness and operating systems.  The Model 5515 has proven itself to be particularly effective for cold temperature (down to 40 degrees C) R&D applications that require hands-on capabilities with the contents of the glovebox.

Access to the interior is available through glove ports or iris ports, a small hinged door (11-¼” x 11-¼”) and a full-size large hinged door allows full access to the interior through the side.  The small door is perfect for everyday use and the large door allows for the installation of large equipment.

The Model 5515 is available in two size configurations:  The widebody design that allows for three 10” iris ports or glove ports and a narrow body design provides two 10″ iris ports or glove ports.  The external dimensions of the wide body version are 57” W x 32-½” D x 30” H.  The narrow body design measures 33” W x 32-½” D x 30” H.

The Model 5515 is commonly configured as a low humidity environment (<5% RH) with a nitrogen gas dehumidification system, liquid nitrogen cooling system, heating system with thermal protection, circulating fan and GFIC outlet. The addition of a humidification system allows additional test environment flexibility.  Additional optional custom configurations are available.

The maximum operational humidity control range is <5% RH to to greater than 95% RH.  The maximum operational temperature control range is -40°C to 50°C.

  • Microprocessor PID control
  • Multiple Ramp/Soak cycles
  • CalGraphix software for environment tracking & control
  • 10″ Ports with gloves or Iris Ports
  • LED lighting
  • Internal fan and AC power
  • Non-metal construction
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooling & Electric Heating systems
  • Dry gas dehumidificaion & ultrasonic humidity systems
  • Custom configurations available
  • Standard 1.5″ diameter cable pass-through