Model 232 – Large Faraday Cup (6-1/2″ Inside Diameter)


The Model 232 Faraday Cup has a large (ID 6-1/2″ and 7-3/8″ depth) inner cup and measures charge on a wide variety of sample sizes when used in conjunction with the ETS Model 230 or equivalent Nano coulomb meters.  Use the Model 232 to evaluate the anti-static characteristics of powders, plastics, paper, electronic components and other materials in accordance with industry and military specifications.  Optional high quality BNC Connector Cable available for use with the Faraday Cup.

  • Evaluate the antistatic and charging characteristics of powders, electronic components & assemblies
  • Double-walled shielding and for effective and reliable measurements
  • Tests in accordance with ESD Association, EIA and other industry standards
  • Dimensions:
    • Inner bucket:  6-1/2″ ID x 7-3/8″ depth
    • Outside dimensions: 10″ OD x 11″ height
  • Compatible with the ETS Model 230 NanoCoulomb Meter
  • Optional Accessory: 36″ BNC-BNC cable, Teflon Insulated — minimizes leakage and measurement error
  • Large Faraday Cup
  • User Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration and Calibration Decal
  • Optional Accessory: BNC Cable, Teflon Insulated (included with M 230 – NanoCoulomb Meter)