Model 231 – Small Faraday Cup (3-1/2″ Inside Diameter)


The Model 231 Faraday Cup measures charge on materials, devices and assemblies when used in conjunction with the ETS Model 230 or equivalent nanocoulomb meters. The Model 231 includes a double-walled shielded cup, cover, 36″ BNC-BNC cable and conductive rubber pad. The Faraday cup meets the requirements of triboelectric charge generation test procedures to evaluate the antistatic characteristics of material and components in accordance with industry and military specifications.  The Model 231 Faraday Cup has an inside dimension of 3-1/2″ which allows for the measurement of charge on smaller objects.  The conductive rubber pad included can be placed inside the cup to reduce noise and potential damage to items being tested.

  • Evaluate the anti-static characteristics of material, devices and assemblies
  • Use with ETS and other nanocoulomb meters
  • Tests in accordance with ESD Association, EIA & other industry standards
  • Includes 36″ BNC-BNC Teflon cable
  • Inside Diameter 3-1/2″; Outside Diameter 4-1/4″
  • Conductive Rubber Pad reduces noise and damage to items tested

$695.00 ea.

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