Model 216 – Charge Plate Analyzer and Static Meter Kit


The Model 216 is a versatile, multi-purpose Charged Plate Analyzer and Static Meter Kit containing all items necessary to perform ionizer balance, static decay testing, and static measurement. Other applications include triboelectric charging analysis, static dissipation of material per SAE J1645 plus many different types of electrostatic measurements.

The Model 216 consists of the Model 204 Charge Plate Analyzer/Static Meter with a 20pf (1″ x 3″) charged plate detector, plug-in 6″ x 6″ detector plate, tripod, utility wiring verifier with ground jack plus a Humidity/Temp/ Dew Point Indicator.

The internal charging source of the Model 204 is a miniature, dual polarity 1200 Volt power supply that charges the isolated detector plate when either the + or ” CHARGE button is depressed. The charging function automatically activates the timing mode. As the applied 1200 Volt charge on the detector plate decays, either by ionization or by dissipation through a resistance, the timer starts counting when the measured voltage decays below 1000 volts and stops when it reaches 100 Volts. Decay times up to 60 seconds in 0.3 second increments can be measured in the standard version and up to 6 seconds in 0.03 second increments in the J1645 version.

The 3½-digit LCD meter displays voltage (1 volt resolution), polarity, low battery warning, plus dissipation time when the decay function of the analyzer is used. When the Charge Plate Detector is removed, the Model 204 converts to a standard 20kV static meter with 10 volt resollution.

  • Fully functional charge plate analyzer and static meter
  • Measures ionizer balance and decay
  • Low-cost, portable handheld
  • Meets ESD STM3.1 & SAE J1645
  • 1-Volt resolution
  • ±1200 volt charging source
  • Internal 60 second timer
  • 0.3 Second resolution
  • Recorder output