Model 828 – Volume Resistivity Test Cells for Liquids and Powders


The Model 828 is a dual chamber test cell for measuring the volume resistivity of liquids, powders and small pellets. The cell dimensions automatically calculate the volume resistivity of the material being tested by multiplying the measured resistance by either x10 (large cell) or x100 (small cell). The material capacity is 65.6 and 6.56cm3 for the large and small cells respectively. The outer portion of the cell incorporates a ¼” (6mm) wide overflow cavity to capture excess material. The stainless steel container acts as both an electrostatic shield and provides containment of material overflow. The test cell is made from PVC and uses stainless steel electrodes.

The Model 828M adds the capability of adjusting the degree of compression of the material being tested. It also decreases the thickness of the material and thus the multiplier to obtain the volume resistivity. The cell incorporates a 25mm micrometer attached to the top electrode to precisely set the thickness of the material being measured. When the micrometer is set to 0 the two electrodes are in contact with each other and the thickness of the material is 0. When the micrometer is set to 25 the thickness of the material is 25mm (2.5cm) and the A/t calculation equals 10. Only the large chamber is used for this application. The Model 828 and 828M can be used with any resistance meter capable of measuring in the range of material resistance and having compatible standard .061″ banana plug connections.

  • Dual chamber test cell
  • Direct measurement of rv @ x10 and x100Rm
  • Shielded housing for high Rm
  • Model 828M incorporates adjustable electrode for varying
  • compression of powders
  • Compatible with meters having banana jack inputs or cables